A blustery friday evening saw a number of multi- sport athletes take to the shark infested WA waters! The championship course was over a 500m swim/2.4km run/500m swim/2.4km run. A really good event that tests the body's ability to withstand a rapid change of predominant blood flow: arms/legs/arms/legs!! After running a successful midday presentation on how Motivation and Diet link in with a successful lifestyle, to one of my sponsors, SGS mining, I headed for the shores of Sorrento beach. The 'washing-machine' of a sea split up everyone but two after the first swim. Jeremy Drake and I were 'bosom buddies' for the remainder of the event, coming down to the final sprint, where Jez outsprinted me by a metre! Nonetheless, I was happy given my extensive Xmas Break and slow return to training combioned with about 25hrs a week at Bikeforce Woodvale.